me as hell

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I wanna marry this girl

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I searched up ‘couple shirts’ and the top image is what I got

who knew toudou is good at tie-dying 

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Qaw the Raven

This is not my costume! I am posting this because I had a hand in making it, and I had the honor of getting some photos of the completed thing. This year at RMFC I took a real camera with me for the first time to a con. I’m super glad I did, because Qaw was there!! I made the mask and claws for this on commission. The mask was done on a modified base by Crystumes. I sculpted on her crow base to make a raven’s beak, and added faux fur, hand-set about eleventy billion feathers, and hand-set an equal number of boar bristles for the rictal bristles on the beak. I was so super excited to see it in action. It’s delightful to see something I worked on, hopping around!

Qaw stopped by my dealer’s table and attempted to steal the plush gryphon Shard owned by my table-mate Jess Owen (see second to last photo), then kindly allowed me to follow it around for a few impromptu photos! I didn’t have any hand in making the rest of the costume, including the really neat vest and pants. All photos are mine, except for the last one, when I bumped into Qaw while wearing Kinglet, and my husband was able to get a photo.

The very awesome sloth in these photos is Tica. I traced down her FA gallery by searching her name: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tica

Qaw is NOT mine. Photos posted with their permission! Qaw on FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/qaw/
And Twitter: https://twitter.com/qawstume

AMAZING costume.

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you dont have to agree with his policies but you have to admit hes the coolest president weve had ever

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"Why’d i just say that?"

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